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IPTV Pro Plus


NEW!! IPTV Pro Plus Watch IPTV channels in your ANDROID device
IPTV Pro Plus is an Advance IPTV solution for live TV/stream with built-in powerful player that supports most formats including RTMP all options and support M3U formats , Database formats etc.
If you ever want to play M3U , if you need player supporting these live(non live) streams, this IPTV is a solution for these requirements.
We have provided sample M3U etc and ready to start. We recommand to read full instructions on menu tab.
- Built-in powerful player , No need to look for third party player to support these formats
- Support : Local M3U Playlists (user can upload via FTP)
- Support : Remote Playlists (User can add their http remote playlists)
- Support : Secure Playlist (No need to type full url , just register http url with username , please note no need to provide user email)
- Support : Database Playlist (User can add their local playlists to database , then edit , add , delete etc ... )
- Support : Export database playlist to M3U format (export file can be found on and download via FTP , can be use even as M3U beautifier)
- Player support : Our player support almost all formats including RTMP with all options including tokens.No need to define seperate options , just pass whole rtmp url with options , our application will handle the rest.
- Faster and better intelligence M3U parserM3U playlist should start with #EXTM3U , and playlists should be properly formated , but our intelligent parser has ability to detect , fix and correct error lines

Extra features
1. Favourite playlist- User can now add favourite channels from local , remote , database etc- Favourite playlist can be export to M3U, import back to database
2. Remote playlist can be add to database straight away
3. View playlist contents- User can now view what is inside the M3U playlist content - Good for the beginner to see how M3U playlist works